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This post provides summaries for the three keynote talks of this year’s Rstudio conference. You can find more information about this in this URL:

These keynotes talks were

  • Maintaining the house the tidyverse built by Hadley Wickham,
  • Reporting on and visualising the pandemic by John Burn-Murdoch, and
  • Your Public Garden by Vicki Boykis

This was the first time I attended an Rstudio conference live (but not in person due to pandemic), and I feel I have learnt a lot already. …

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An R package, or Library, contains a set of user-defined functions that bundled together to provide more functionality to base R, i.e. a collection R packages that came with the installation of R program. The reason that I built my very first R package, infoDecompuTE, was that I have a collection of R functions which I can constantly reuse and I would also like to share it to the public, via the Comprehensive R Archive Network, or CRAN. But more importantly, that was for my PhD study.

I want to use my first post to share my knowledge on the…

Kevin Chang

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